Introducing GLICE Rinks from FX Live…

Introducing GLICE Rinks from FX Live…

The world’s finest eco-friendly, easy set-up synthetic ice rinks are now available to hire through us directly at FX Live! We are now the UK’s exclusive supplier of this amazing technology and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Glice synthetic ice rinks are an innovative eco-rink design with zero energy consumption and a fraction of the water consumption of conventional ice.

The Glice experience is the closest thing to skating on natural ice with;
-less cost
-less environmental impact
-less setup up time
-and all the fun!

Artificial snow, falling snow, ice caves, tunnels and ice rinks are just a few things we can offer for your spectacular winter wonderland themed events and beyond.

Glice eco ice rink hire for ice hockey. Supplied by FX Live UK

Whether you’re looking to have a huge outdoor ice rink for public pleasure skating, to install an ice-hockey training rink, to set up and indoor or outdoor figure skating rink, or even to have a mini-rink in your home… we can help!
Get in touch with us to find out more. 

How it works…

Glice premium quality eco-rinks are highly customisable and comprise of synthetic ice panels, and a complete range of carefully selected and adapted quality accessories, such as dasher boards, ice skates, skate sharpener, skating aides and curling stones.

We will provide you a full turnkey package and training to take your winter installation to the next level.
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We look forward to hearing from you!